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“Through the Lens Today” serves as a platform for open discussions on a range of subjects. I’ve authored several articles, which you can find in the posts section, to kickstart the conversation. You’re also encouraged to contribute your ideas by using the form available in the menu above for consideration.

To foster meaningful dialogue, each article includes a comment section where you’re invited to share your perspectives. Rest assured, I monitor the articles to ensure responses adhere to appropriate guidelines before they are published.

You can explore the diverse topics listed to the right. Click on a specific topic to access the content within that category. Join the conversation, and let’s engage in meaningful discussions on a variety of subjects.

TTL Store

I’ve authored several books, among which are four novels. Notably, during the challenging year of the pandemic lockdown, I penned the novel “2022.” Originally, I had planned to publish it, but I ultimately chose to offer it as a complimentary PDF download. The response has been remarkable, with thousands of downloads.

Feel free to click here to secure your copy of the novel and explore the other books available for purchase. Your reading enjoyment is just a click away!

TTL Champion Programs

In addition to my writing, I’ve created several programs designed to assist individuals in various aspects of their lives. These programs encompass both professional and personal development, each tailored to empower individuals to enhance their lives. They are available for free, to make positive change accessible to everyone.

You can explore these programs by navigating to the “Champion Programs” section in the menu bar above. Alternatively, you can click here to access the dedicated page. Your journey toward personal growth and improvement is just a click away.

TTL Discussion Requirements

 I have introduced Discussion Forums for each of the posts to foster constructive dialogue. Please be mindful that all comments within these forums will be reviewed to ensure they adhere to our standards. We expect participants to engage respectfully, refraining from the use of offensive language or personal attacks.

Kindly maintain an appropriate tone in your comments and refrain from harsh or inappropriate language. We uphold a strict policy against personal attacks. We will not tolerate the use of inappropriate language.

Furthermore, I’ve provided an open comments section below for any general feedback or comments about this site. Your input is valuable to us, and we appreciate your thoughtful contributions.